1000 Vases exhibition, Milan 2021 & Me

1000 Vases – what is it?

An out-of-the-ordinary exhibition demonstrating how fantasy can work endlessly on a single subject, and how beauty can take the most varied forms through different techniques and materials. 1000 VASES presents unique pieces made by hundreds of independent designers from 40 countries. From Australia, South Africa, Denmark, the USA, Portugal, Mexico, France, Morocco, Lebanon, Italy, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Greece and many other places, in an extraordinary journey around the world united by the design of a small yet fundamental object.


In my words – 1000 Vases is an exhibition with an unique idea – vase. Any material, any shape, any size. Most important things – it has to be a Vase. And many creative people from all over the world submit their pieces & after being selected – gather in one place during the event. And in 2021 I was so excited to be selected to represent myself and my country in 2021 “1000 Vases” exhibition which was held in Milan, Italy. During Salon de Mobile (Milan design week) on 4-10 September at Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27 – Milan.

My first and most successful in terms of surface decoration collection “Toxic” was recognized by 1000 Vases & I was invited to attend.

Thank You!

I would like to say – Big Thank You to 1000 Vases team – Ayan Gouled Orsini – Curator of 1000 Vases exhibition, Francesco Pirrello – Founder & Curator they with their Team put a lot of effort to make 1000 Vases go Live. Havre’ Sauvage – for Set Design (“Placing was outstanding!” P.V.). Pier Paolo Pitacco – Art director of 1000 Vases Book (1st Edition Published by Skyra). And assisting Team: Amina Marini, Giulia Spano & Giuliano Lovine!

I was surprised to be selected to participate in 1000 Vases exhibition among so many other very talented artists. It was my First ever exposure to daylight happening at 1000 Vases exhibition, at SuperStudio Piu, Millan.

Collection “Toxic”

Collection name “Toxic” comes from my studio life.

It was 6 months long journey. And the goal was to discover perfect matte sculptural surface.

At the end of 6 month, after tweaking and re-tweaking – it happened. In my hands I help very good blue surface. One missing quality was – it was not playing on the surface of the piece like the result do. It was good plain matte blue glaze and unexpected thing happen. I had very old piece of clay left – put for throwing away and I needed to make few test tiles for glaze testing for totally different glazes. But accidentally thought came from nowhere. And the though was to try again that good blue matte on this old clay body. And Bang! After opening the kiln, I stopped and said, “The bluishness is so intense it radiates something!” and the name clicked “Toxic”.

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My vases

Gallery | 2021, Milan, Italy – 1000 Vases