1000 Vases exhibition memories in the book

The book-catalogue of Skira published on the occasion of the exhibition 1000 Vases curated by Francesco Pirrello at Superstudio Più in September, is the proof of how much creativity is a transversal language throughout the world. The variety of proposals around a single object is of great interest for what it shows and what it implies.

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So thrilled and excited I am! The year was really great!

2021 Year begun with discovery of collection Toxic. Actually Toxic is a glaze, and You can read about it anytime in my gallery-shop under any of Toxic collection vases description (Jump to toxic collection).

Next Toxic colelction was accepted to be exhibited in 1000 Vases exhibition in Italy, Milan. Exhibition was held in Studio Piu – during Milan Desing week.  Was happy to be with my vases there and meet lots of outstanding Artists!

Well and then TV report about me in national television of Lithuania! Yap – was so crazy opportunity! Totally unexpected! Here You can see the recording of tv show “Good morning” (“Labas rytas” in Lithuanian) aired via LRT HD – Click to see

And finally everything about the “Toxic” collection is wrapped in to the beautiful book.  The book 1000 vases curated by Pierpaolo Pitacco – is a beautiful album of all three previous 1000 Vases exhibition. Held in Dubai, Milan & Paris. And my 5 vases from collection toxic is it! Check it out bellow.

Book is Published & sold by Skira – You can find it here


1000 Vases book & PAges with my "Toxic" collection

Actually these are the very first pieces that came right! And I am keeping one for my self for ever and other have found their new homes! Hope all of the owners love it!

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Gallery | 2021, Milan, Italy - 1000 Vases

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