Customer Service

Here I try to answer all question regarding care of my products

All products (cups, bowls, vases and even sculptures) are Dishwasher safe pieces.

If piece is not dishwasher safe – collection name will be stated here (that means that pieces from this collection can not be washed in dishwasher, and special care tips will be noted in the product description)


As all of my pieces are made from High-fire stoneware or Porcelain – their are safe to be kept outside during freezing temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. pieces will not break or crack – because their porosity level is low.

Only damage could appear due to the outside environment. Piece could get dirt on it’s surface – but that is safe to be washed in the dishwasher (Read “Dishwasher safe” section)

If product has no marking FOOD SAFE in it’s description – it means that the surface of the piece is covered with the glaze that is developed to be used only for sculptural purposes. And can not get in contact with food, beverages and any other things that is consumed and gets in to your digestive system.

FOOD SAFE MARKING: Under the price tag, when in single product view –  FOOD SAFE in green letters

Collection “Toxic” – if the surface gets dirty – it is highly recommended not to wipe it with the fabric or any other cloth. Best way to make it clean is to wash it in the dishwasher with the 1/5 the amount of the dishwasher liquid or capsule that is used for regular washings.