From hobby to passion

Never dreamed that hobby will play such an important role in my life.
Creating with Love & Passion

I am Paulius Vengialis

I am Self-taught ceramic artist from Lithuania who discovered Ceramics as a hobby in 2019. I have never dreamed that my passion and admiration for Ceramics would turn into my way of life.

My inspiration

My inspiration comes from the environment I live in, from the things I discover and see each day. There is no single point of inspiration for me. I even think that inspiration is the combination of the artist’s state of mind and his surroundings at the given time when inspiration arises.

My ways of working

Wheel-throwing and glaze development is the key areas of my focus. In these activities I can fulfill my passion for art and science and it allows me to communicate my love for strict shapes, symmetry, function and color.

My wish is to bring beauty in to the world through my creations and make more people smile.